The pattern making process is one of the most crucial stages at the beginning of your product or garment development.

What Is Pattern Making?

Pattern making is the process of creating a 2D blueprint of your garment or product to be put together in order to create a 3D prototype.

Essentially it's the initial construction of a piece before the bulk is produced to ensure that the fit and structure of the garment or product is correct.

A pattern is used as a template to cut out fabric or material that matches the required specifications to sew or produce a garment or product.

It factors in the type of fabric, the intended fit on the wearer, and any trims that will be used.

Our In-House Pattern Makers

Our Brisbane based, in-house pattern makers will bring your garments to life, no matter what kind of experience you have.

Whether you have a sketch, an example image or have a digital mock up, we can create exactly what you need including adjustments you wish to make.

The accuracy of the measurements, fitting and functionality of the garment is highly valued by our team.

We are dedicated to making sure your final garment or product is exactly how you visualise.

Size Grading

Size grading is the difference in measurements between the sizes in your sizing range.

Our experienced pattern makers have knowledge of all apparel grading to ensure the sizing chart and fits are perfect for your brand.

Our patten makers can grade baby clothing, kids, adult, plus sizes and more. We can also create patterns for, and grade to Australian, European, UK and USA sizing standards. If you aren't utilising the standard sizes and want to customise your own sizing chart, we can do this.

We also manufacture pet clothing which requires extensive measuring and testing of the garments due to the varrying sizes and shapes of each individual animal. This service is also inclusive of all product manufacturing.

Once your pattern has been constructed, we can now begin putting together your tech packs to send off to our manufacturers.

What Is A Tech Pack?

A tech pack is a document that contains all of the technical information about your garment or product.

It's a must-have master document for both the designers and production staff when developing new collections since it clearly communicates every detail of what you're creating to then send off to your manufacturer.

A tech-pack includes the 2D design template, relevant sketches, colour-ways, sizing information, reference images, samples, details, labelling and packing information, materials and more.

Your patterns and tech pack will then be sent off to our manufacturers to begin the sampling process of your garment or product.

What Is The Sampling Stage?

The main objective of the sampling process is to perfect your idea by receiving samples from our factory and communicate the adjustments to be made to your garment or products.

The first sample will be the prototype based on the information given in your pattern and tech pack. The pre-production sample will be the prototype with all adjustments or changes that wanted to be made to the initial sample.

Once the garment or product is perfected, they will be ready for bulk order.

What happens if you don't want to order a sample before placing an order?

More often than so, not having a sample before you place a bulk order can lead to a huge financial loss in your business. Sometimes, information can get lost in translation, meaning there is risk that your items arrive differently to how you envisioned it.

With our thorough sampling process, we make sure all clients are 100% satisfied with their sample, and guarantee that their item will be exactly what they expect when it arrives.

During the fitting stages, clients are able to make changes and adjustments to their design as well as asking for professional advice and suggestions to make improvements on the garment or product.

Asking for and receiving external opinions from a wide range of people is essential throughout this process. This is to ensure your garment or product has the best chance of success when it enters the market.

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