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Angela Halkiotis

Angela Halkiotis

Owner and Director of Garment and Product Solutions

Angela grew up in the London fashion scene. Her grandmother, also Angela, was one of London's prominent Designers, manufacturing her own range and wholesaling to top end boutiques throughout the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Angela grew up in her Design Room playing with all the expensive silks, and then went on to complete a BA (Hons) in Fashion Design at the world renowned Central Saint Martins.  Having completed her degree, she then moved to Brisbane with her husband. She often joked that he had brought her to the only place in the world that she couldn’t have a career in fashion! There literally were no positions for fashion designers, which eventually led to her starting her own manufacturing company in March 2008, Garment and Product Solutions. Since then she has manufactured for brands Australia wide and globally, through her Shanghai office. 

  • Monica Dimmock

    Monica Dimmock

    Garment Technician & Designer

    Monica creates the design templates and tech packs for your garments and products. Alongside this, her skills in graphic design allow her to work with businesses on their branding, logos, designs and more.

  • Genaya Mckenzie

    Genaya Mckenzie

    Garment Technician

    Genaya is our second garment technician, also creating the tech packs for our clients. Genaya works with you through all stages of the production to ensure your garment and products are exactly how you envision them.

  • Lou Taylor

    Lou Taylor

    Accounts Manager

    Lou is responsible for the accounts and administration of our client’s
    orders. She ensures that all processes are on track as well as managing the internal financial processes and operations in the business.

  • Tony Halkiotis

    Tony Halkiotis

    Warehouse Manager

    Tony coordinates the incoming and outgoing deliveries of your garments and products as they enter into our Brisbane warehouse. He also runs our third party logistics system where he picks and packs all customer orders.

  • Rosabella Halkiotis

    Rosabella Halkiotis

    Warehouse Assistant

    Rosabella assists in photoshoots and design research that we conduct for our brands. She also is in charge of our social media pages. You will often find her responding to all of our customer enquiries through these platforms!

  • Maih Porfyri

    Maih Porfyri

    Marketing Coordinator

    Maih manages the marketing of our client's social media pages and websites. She develops customised plans, branding campaigns and online digital strategies to successfully promote and grow your business.

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