We help clients by spotting opportunities in their designs, collections, business and logistical systems in order to improve innovation in these areas to drive growth and sales.

Design Consulting

We can provide a full design and development service for your business - no matter what stage you are at.

We work closely with you to ensure all your design requirements are met.

First fit, prototype samples, and pre-production samples are provided so you can touch and see your finished product before the Bulk Production commences.

We ensure complete client satisfaction, leaving no room for error or details ‘lost in translation’.

Garment or Product Development

We work with you to develop your product to ensure it has the best possible outcome when entering the market.

We will work alongside you to ensure that your product is fully developed and equipped in order for it to succeed.

Our experience in the industry means we knows what works best. We are able to provide our clients with suggestions and opinions about alternative options and features to include in your garment or product to improve and enhance it entirely.

Moreover, we will match your manufacturing requirements to one of our reputable partner factories in China, specialising in the production of that particular fabric, garment or product.

Business Consulting

First time starting a brand? No experience in the ecommerce industry? Never designed a product before? We are here to help!

We can guarantee that anyone with any kind of experience is able to start their own business, brand or label. However, At Garment and Product Solutions, we want to ensure our clients have clear direction and clarity when making important business decisions.

We are able to guide you in all fields including the effectiveness of your brand, branding techniques, marketing strategies, identifying opportnities for growth and more.

If you are seeking that slight bit of extra support, even in areas you didn't even know existed, then this service is for you.

Professional Advice & Support

With over 30 years of experience in the fashion and manufacturing industry, we are able to guide you in all aspects of the industry. 

To book a one-off mentoring session, answering all your questions regarding manufacturing your product or garment range, please follow this link if you would like to book.

This is charged prior to the call, at AU$149.

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