Step 1: Design Process

To begin, provide us with the appropriate designs, images, sketches and ideas you have for your garment or product so we can envision and understand what you want to create.

If you have an existing product or garment that fits your vision, we highly recommend providing us with that sample. From there, we can adjust and tweak the measurements to creat

If a product or garment is not able to be provided, and we are starting from scratch, we have our pattern makers in our Brisbane office, who will create specifically from the sketches or photos you have provided.

The pattern cutting, design, toile stage charge is AU$59 + GST / US$45 / GBP35 / EUR 40 per hour.  

Step 2: Tech Packs

Your tech pack will then be ensembled which includes all elements of your design. It will then be sent to our manufacturers to communicate with them exactly what you require.

Tech packs include the sketches, detailed descriptions, materials, measurements, size grading, logo details, print placement and more.

This is charged at AU$225 + GST / USD165 / GBP135 / EUR155 per style. This tech pack will incorporate all your sizing and
colour options. 

Step 3: Pricing

The Shanghai office will assess the tech pack, quantity, and details of your order to produce a full quote of your bulk shipment.

The quote will include the individual cost of all the samples, the bulk production and the shipping price landed to your door. We leave nothing out, so you can make an informed decision about whether you want to proceed with the order for your range.

If you wish to proceed, the purchase order is raised and the 50% deposit is charged to you in order to begin the process of manufacturing your order!

Step 4: Take Action

The full quote will be issued to you and a 50% deposit is required to begin the production process of your desired garment or product.

Step 5: Sampling

We will provide you with the first sample of your garment or product. Samples include all details of your design from your chosen fabric to your swing tags.

Once you have your first sample, you can assess whether or not you need changes to be made. If you wish to make adjustments to your sample, we will communicate them to our manufacturer who will then send out your second sample for approval. We allow multiple stages of the sampling process to ensure all aspects your design are perfect.

The bulk production will only commence once all components of the design are approved by you. This ensures your bulk production looks and fits exactly as per your requirements. 

Stage 6: Production

Once your final sample is complete and your garment or product is approved, we will begin manufacturing your bulk goods.

Stage 7: Pre-Shipment

Once the production is complete, all items will be neatly packed and prepared by our team so that it's ready for shipment.

Our quality controllers will inspect your bulk order in our factory and sample room before the package is shipped to you. This process ensures you receive bulk production that is 100% correct. There is no way the garments are not the fit you are expecting, or the product does not meet the design brief. 

Step 8: Payment

Before we ship the order to you, the remaining balance from the original invoice is required in order to reach the next stage of the process.

We are so confident in the quality of our production, we offer a 100% guarantee, and will credit any minor faults that may slip past our quality control inspector. 

Step 9: Shipping

Sit tight. Your order will now be shipped to your desired address and a tracking number will be provided to you to see the time of your shipment's arrival.

Please note that all shipping options and costs are issued on the original invoice, meaning there is no unexpected costs to be made after you have paid your invoice.

Step 10: Order Complete


Your order is now complete.

Your bulk shipment will arrive at your doorstep very soon.

Step 11: Launch Collection

It's time to drop some hints to your audience about your next release!

If you need guidance on your collection launch, we are here to help.

If you want to place a re-order, get in touch with us today and we can start the process again for you. As you are re-ordering the same style, there is no need to pay for a tech pack / pattern fee.

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