I just want to do a #shoutout to Angela Halkiotis from Garment Solutions!

If you are looking at manufacturing and outsourcing overseas, she is your woman! I had tried the whole “do it myself” with a well known online provider and wasted a big chunk of money and got burned. Angela was helping me via email and phone chats even if I didn’t hire her, just because she was so generous. I have now ditched my previous manufacturer and started to work with her and finally met her yesterday. I am so happy, I know my products are going to be amazing, well tested and checked for quality, I don’t have any issues with language barriers and lots of new contacts.

So if you are looking at manufacturing overseas, go and contact her, she is AMAZING!!!!

- Sharon Hunter
Emondo Kids

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Garment & Product Solutions takes full responsibility for your garment or product. The staff and systems we have in place means you will receive a finished shipment to your door, with no faults or lost in translation mistakes.

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With years of experience in offshore sourcing and manufacture, our staff will happily arrange every detail including customs, shipping and delivery, which makes Garment & Product Solutions your one-stop shop in China.