EST 2008.  AUSTRALIAN OWNED quality clothing manufacturer. MOQ STARTING FROM 50 PCS

Step 1 - Design/Product Brief

During our initial consult we will collect as much information from you as possible.  Including, but not limited to, designs,

colours,  fabrics, and size range.  Our Brisbane based Pattern Cutter will then create the paper patterns / first fit sample, and the graded tech pack.  We are also happy to use your own patterns and graded tech packs.  Whatever you have missing, we can help you pull together. 

Step 2 - Quote

It takes on average 2 weeks to give you a finalised quotation based on all the information given in Step 1. 

Step 3 - Purchase Order

Deposit is paid, and the bulk order is locked in with the factory. 

Step 4 – Counter Samples

A large number of items sent to you for approval, in order to ensure your finished product is exactly as you require it.


Step 5 – Pre Production Samples

Once all the items in Step 4 have been approved, Pre Production Samples will be sent for approval.  Changes can

still be made at this stage. 

Step 6 – Bulk Production

Once Step 5 has been approved, bulk production will commence. 

Step 7 – QC Inspection

Our independent Quality Controller will be sent in during the bulk production for an ‘In Line Inspection’, and again

during the final packaging stage. 

Step 8 – Pre Shipment Sample

You will receive a Pre Shipment Sample for approval, off the bulk run.


Step 9 – Bulk Shipment

Once step 8 has been approved, the bulk will be shipped to you, either by courier, air or sea freight, depending

on your time line. 

Step 10 – Delivery To Your Nominated Address

If you are purchasing your product FIS, we will handle all the customs clearance, and deliver your product to your


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