I have a design, but I don’t know the next step...what is it?

Our team at Garment & Product Solutions are skilled in taking your design from paper, to a finished product landed at your door. We have a team who are equipped to handle each step. Please refer to our step by step guide on The Journey page. In the first instance, we will ask you a series of questions, to gauge as much information as possible about your product. We will then require approximately 2 weeks to give you a finished price from the factory that can service your product.

What is the fee to get a price?

We do not charge to quote you a reference price from our factories.

What is the lead time?

Again this varies from product to product.  If we are making the product to your design specifications, it will be a minimum of 12 weeks + shipping.  If we are sourcing your product from the stock market, it will be on average 2 – 4 weeks + shipping.

What guarantee do I have that my product will be what I have asked for?

We have many steps in place to ensure you are 100% happy with your product. Again, please refer to our step by step guide. We do not ship any product without your approval of a Pre-Shipment Sample. Furthermore, you are placing your order with a reputable Australian company, not an offshore factory. We guarantee our products 100%.

How do I know my product will meet Safety and Testing Standards?

At the start of the process, we will ask you what your testing requirements are.  We will produce a certificate for you from the ITS laboratory in Shanghai showing your products compliance with the required testing standards.

How do I know my product will not arrive with a fault?

This is again part of our Step by Step guide. These procedures are put in place to protect our clients, and ensure the product is 100% as required. Part of the process involves an Independant Quality Controller going into the factory to inspect the goods. This is done as an In Line Production inspection, and then again once the bulk is finished before packing.

What happens if one slips through the net and I do receive a product with a fault? 

This is very rare, but on the occasions that this has occurred, we will reimburse that item in full, or we will arrange for the factory to send a replacement.  This is dealt with on a case by case scenario. 

When is payment made for my product?

We will take a deposit of up to 50% to commence the order. The balance is then payable once the Pre-Shipment has been approved by you, and then the bulk will leave China en route to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

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​What is the minimum quantity out of China?

There is no straight forward answer to this question.  It largely depends on your product and the components that go into it. This is something we advise on a case by case basis.  However, we do offer the option of the stock market.  This means if we can find your product, or the components that go into it on the stock market, there is then no minimum.