Stock Market

Low Minimums

For small or one-off orders, our Shanghai office also has direct access to the Stock Market, comprising of floors and floors of product stall-holders.

This enables us to source good quality products with low minimums and in some cases no minimum orders!

With years of experience in offshore sourcing and manufacture, our staff will happily arrange every detail.

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100% Quality Guarantee

Garment Solutions will match your manufacturing requirements to one of our reputable factories in China, specialising in the production of that particular fabric, garment or product.

Our Shanghai office will not only select the right factory, we do so at the best prices.

Ladies, men & children

Let Us Simplify The Process

A full design and development service, we work closely with you to ensure all your design requirements are met. Pre - Production samples are provided so you can touch and see your finished product before the Bulk Production commences.

We ensure complete client satisfaction, leaving no room for error or details ‘lost in translation’.

The trusted link between your business and offshore manufacturing